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MCG Canada is AI and Blockchain-driven Company whose mission is to shape the supply chain industry in the coming Physical Internet Era and turn the 60-year-old traditional container into modular and smart container. To achieve the vision, we are designing the modular hardware system: Logistics Innovation Unit Container (LIUC) and respective software (AI, Blockchain) to lead the new logistics landscape with great efficiency and visibility.
The founder of MCG Canada, Clinton Liu envisages an infrastructure network (hyper-connected logistics network) to bridge different blockchains across the pharma supply chain stakeholders (E2E). Focusing on lower, protocol, or hardware level interoperability.

  • The logistics landscape will dramatically change in the post-covid world, supply chain resilience and risk management will be the key to upgrade and copy with the kinds of pandemics. The Physical Internet (PI) enabled technologies will bring new perspective on distributed and decentralized production and consumption where the Realization Web and Mobility Web play mutually, namely the modularization and standardization of the Physical Internet Containers will be the enabler to realize and shape the new normal. For example, the definition of the Logistics Innovation Unit Container (LIUC) in terms of the size, which should reflect the maximum utilization of the space and weight in a sustainable way.
  • PI-container itself will become intelligent in the IoT environment, the TMT (Track, Monitor and Trace) mechanism will function on the interconnectivity of the different kinds of THP (Transport-Handling-Packaging) smart containers in the specific context, compared with the traditional way of attached device, the advantages and benefits can be envisaged starting from pilot and scale up the potential implementation in the pharmaceutical and essential MCG supply chain.   


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The logistics landscape will dramatically change in the post-covid world.

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