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Join MCG on a transformative journey. We offer AI, Blockchain, and more to meet your unique needs.

Modernizing a 60-Year-Old Container Tradition with Smart Technology

MCG Canada is developing LIUC, an innovative logistics system. It includes smart containers for pharmaceutical transport using technologies like Blockchain and the Physical Internet.


Exceeding Consumer Needs

Supplying critical medicines during COVID-19 is MCG Canada's priority. We use blockchain for secure data sharing, partnering with UN/CEFACT, ISO, BSI, and CILT for a data-driven future.


Boosting the Smart TMT System (Track-Monitor-Trace)

MCG Canada's smart LIUC ensures real-time digital tracking for cargo safety and energy efficiency. Benefit from clear visibility, dependable transit times, and cost control via our advanced TMT system.

Empower Your Business with MCG's Services

Elevate your business with MCG’s services for growth, efficiency, and innovation. Tailored solutions optimize outcomes. Our tech experts in AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain deliver unmatched value. Embrace innovation, streamlined processes, and professional support for sustainable growth. Discover MCG’s transformative services today.

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