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MCG Canada is an AI and Blockchain-driven Company whose mission is to shape the supply chain industry in the coming Physical Internet Era, the PI-enabled smart container will overtake the 60-year-old traditional container and become modular and standardized across the globe. 

To achieve this vision, from its very origin, MCG Canada is a global company, along with our European partners, we have been designing the modular hardware system: Logistics Innovation Unit Container (LIUC) and got our software Vaccine Unit Innovation Logistics Administration (VUILA) platform prototype ready. 

Our goal is to Lead the new logistics landscape with great efficiency and visibility. 

MCG Canada team will focus on delivering our promise to ease the concerns across the value chain.


Revolutionizing the Traditional Containers into Smart, Environmentally-friendly and PI-enabled modular containers. 


Blockchain-powered Supply Chain in the emerging Physical Internet Era 


MCG Core team

Clinton Liu

He is a CEO and Founder of MCG

Clinton Liu

Dr.Zehua Wang

He is a Blockchain Expert and professor at UBC

Dr. Zehua Wang

Blockchain R&D Lead

Eric Han

He is a Head of Partnership and VP at Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association (CBSCA)

Eric Han

Sunny Xiong

She is Project Implementation Lead.

Sunny Xiong

Project Implementation Lead

MCG Fellow

Horst Treiblmaier

Professor (Modul University Vienna)

Dr. Yaşanur Kayikci

Associate Professor (Turkish-German University)

Advisory Board

Francois Gilbert

EIR @Entrepreneuriat Laval & Ex- CEO @Angel Quebec

Martin Wiedenhoff


Simon Potter

President @SP Consultation Inc. & Ex-President @CBA

Andy Sheldon

Ex-CEO @Medicago Inc.

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